Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cup and Coffee -- Choice is yours

Cup and Coffee

Narrating an incident with a hope that, this will be bring atleast a small change in you. If not, forget this as a normal incidence.

Once old students of a college decided to meet their professor. All those students occupy good positions in various big MNCs. When the meeting started, they were all describing what kind of high pressure situation they undergo and how much stress they face in their work, etc.

In between the professor got up and went to kitchen to prepare coffee for all his students. He brought coffee pot and cups and kept them on the table. Some of the coffee cups were expensive and rest were very ordinary. Professor requested his students serve themselves.

All of them picked up expensive cups and no one selected normal, worn-out kind of cups.

"When I said serve yourself, all of you selected only expensive/good-looking cups. None of you picked up normal ones. All your attention was on expensive and high quality cups; none of you seems to be enthusiastic about quality of coffee. Rather enjoying good quality coffee your attention was on neighbors' cup.", said the professor.

He continued, "Life is like coffee. Position, money, etc. are like cup. Cup is just an instrument to hold coffee. On many occasions we give importance to cup, swallowing bad coffee"

So, it is your choice -- want a better coffee or an attractive cup.



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