Monday, September 20, 2010

Astronomy Workshop and Amazing Career Twist Story

Attended a workshop on "Career in Planetary Science" organized by Bangalore Astronomical Society. Even though number of enthusiastic attendees was very less, but the speaker himself and insight I got into US PhD/Research Program was of great interest.

Main speaker was Dr.Vishnu Reddy, who is Research Professor in North Dakota University. His life story (so far) from Bollywood association to journalist in Asian Age to a Research Professor in Planetary Science is amazing. Looks like a Bollywood film story itself.

He gave insight into different fields of Planetary sciences, interdisciplinary concept, etc. I was a little bit damped after hearing path to get PhD in US and struggle involved during post doc period. Routine work involved writing as much as paper for publication and do more of networking, etc didnot hit me well. But nothing is bed of roses. You can do what you want once you pass that hurdle, that's too in the field of your interest. No one else will decide your destiny (to some extent).

I was more interested to do some piece of Amateur Astro sitting at home, without building/purchasing a telescope. Got some leads, need to peruse further.

20th Sept