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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

My Experience @ RTO Bangalore

We think visiting RTO for Driving License related work, always an irritance. Long queue, touts hovering around, long list of documents, arrogant staff, etc etc. We try to take, so called,  easy route -- approaching an agent.

I happen to lose my DL and had to get issued a duplicate one. Decided to go on my own and get new DL, what may come and test my patience and government efficiency.

Thanks to digitisation bug, now most of DL related processes are online.  No need of passport size 3-4 photos and not even to sign any where. Even the form itself appeared online as almost filled, once I enter my lost DL number.

Missing document was an FIR from police station. Surprisingly, Bangalore Police have even made that online and "It works". I could get "Lost Article Report"  in pdf in about 5 minutes max, at the comfort of my home(not visiting police station).

Armed with all these documents uploaded on Parivahan site ( and online payment of fees (just Rs. 166) I approached RTO premises early in the morning session.

It took exactly 10 minutes from 1st counter to the last counter and I was out with an acknowledgement slip.  Hurrah.....

There are a couple of corners to trim, but overall I was very much impressed. Strongly recommend educated one to use this simple online route and contribute towards cleaner government process.

Stationary : 100
Fees  : 216 (166 + 50 for smart card)
Affidavit : 150 (not sure this is required or not. advised by an agent)

If I take agent route, it could cost anywhere 1000 bucks upwards and no less time at RT Office.

Choice is Yours...