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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Do we need only leader ?

You may come across countless speeches/talks, workshops/training sessions, etc on leadership. May find innumerable book on "How to become a good leader".
Communication seems to be the most important feature of a good leader. So everyone is lined up to improve communication skills to become leader of next gen.

Does it mean that, all we need is a good leader -- not  followers or a team player.s Howmany leaders does a society need ? Do we need more leaders than team members ? What we are creating a reverse pyramid where most of the people are being trained to become leaders.

Donot we need a training for a team player, like -- "How to become a good team player"   or  " how to follow a good leader"    or " how to identify a good leader" ??

Leadership has certain traits, which need to be honed. They are special and specific. Similarly a becoming a team player is not natural to every human(may be to ants). It need to be chiseled and polished. A failed leader cannot automatically qualify for a good team player.

A team player, who is always in the shadow  needs  lot of motivation to be in that position forever, knowing that he is the pillar of the organisation. He/she needs lot of mental strength to sacrifice pride or  reward and support leader in all times. Should never shy way from doing anything for the team and for the leader. Understand the direction of the leader unambiguously and co-row the boat.

Skills like listening skills, following the leader, sacrifice, patience, etc. need to be developped. 

We need more such team player to run the society. Can someone come up with a course on this ?