Tuesday, June 28, 2016


What do you do on world environment day ?

Plant one sapling, deliver a lecture, write a report/blog, conduct/participate in painting competition or  quiz. What do we do to our environment rest of the year ?

How are  you making our children aware of importance of trees ? Showing them a video/film or giving a boring lecture ??

My son told me an eye opening anecdote, which he'd heard from his teacher, related to Bhutan.

In Bhutan, school handovers  each student (in lower classes)  a sapling. Students have to plant and maintain the respective tree. He/she will be graded or get marks based on growth of the plant, till 10th grade or so.

Just think what kind of wonder it can make.

Kids understand the plant, its growth, etc. very well. Need not read books to know this or draw and redraw  diagram of this tree in Biology/Botany classes. The topics like, use of that plant, problem to grow such plant, etc. needn't be mugged to pass the exam, but get real practical knowledge. At the end of the day, a tree is grown and sanctity of the environment is maintained.

What a nice education system !!! A genuine way of Environment Protection !!!!!



Anonymous said...

Why can't we do that in India. Lot if such practical things can be taught/practiced over a period, instead of bookish stuff.

Anonymous said...

A ver good system is being followed in Bhutan..it will benefit if out country also follows it

Anonymous said...

On the occasion of birth of prince, in Bhutan they planted hundreds of trees....great culture

Anonymous said...

Beautiful concept of teaching kids.... Being practical more than mugging