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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Following are the real reasons behind The Great Britain leaving European Union.

A. British are  the most intelligent community on this earth. They always want to align with future, rather than past or present.
B. They were not getting any benefit from aging and struggling EU -- neither money nor power.
C. Britain didnot have much muscle to decide which way to go, if they were to continue with EU.
D. Now the main reason -- The British wants to be part of Indian Dominion, as a its 30th state. Intelligent Brits found following  reasons to be part of India,

1. India is the prospering economy now, as it was a couple of centuries back.
2. Anyway The Great Britain has sizeable population of people with Indian origin, including quite a few politicians. English people have good taste for curry.

3. Many Indian Industrialists have already owning/purchasing  big British industries/properties -- TATA, Mittal, etc.
4. Indians just run to England, whenever they are in need. England is very hospitable to all those -- Mallyas, Lalit Modi's. British never expressed any concerns about such immigrants. On the other hand they donot want to deport such Indians, even at the request of Indian government. They love Indian emigrants so much.
5. Indian constitution has provision to provide special status to a state (like article 370 for Kashmir). Britain (it will not be called as The Great Britain then) could become such special autonomous state within Indian Dominion. So British people can continue to enjoy special privilege.
6. Brit youth will have more job opportunities than what EU could have provided.

On the other hand, it will be win-win situation for India as well.
i) India will get automatic entry into NSG, US Security Council, etc.
ii) India will also become a developed country, without any effort from Indian government.

So, Prime Ministed Narendra Modi might stop visiting London, as it will be just a state capital.

You never know, David Cameron's son/daughter or  grandson/grand-daughter would become the Prime Minster of The Great Indian Dominion one day ?

Just for sake of Fun :-)  The author doesnot own any responsibility for the comments/views/opinions expressed in this article.