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Monday, July 4, 2016

Best Gift for child

What is the best gift you can give to your child -- love, education, pocket money, cell phone....?

According to me -- it is teaching them how to become independent. Rather allowing them to explore and learn by themselves  and hence imbibe some amount of adventurism.

In city life, we work in the reverse way. Over protect our kids.

Shall give you an example. Many parents are hesitant to send their kids outside their home, to a stationary shop, just across the street to purchase, say a pen. Funny excuses are being put --  Traffic is heavy, it is not secure, he/she may be  cheated, our maid/servant can go and get it, etc.  Add to that, a strong defense being made about the capability of their kid -- "you know he ordered online a shoe worth of Rs. 5000 for his dad ? these kids are very smart!".

In the cocoon of their home world, the children are unable to develop skills like -- socialisation, observation, confidence, etc.

Crossing the road and purchasing a pen itself is not the goal. All along this transaction, one learns or exposes himself/herself to quite a few life lessons.

1. How to cross a road itself is a skill in Indian cities.
2. Observe different kinds of people on the street and their behavior.
3. Interaction with a fellow human in the shop and understand/observe language/slang he/she uses and how shop keeper manages the shop.
4. Arrangement of the shop, different materials available over there, etc.
5. Finally the shopping -- getting the pen and exchange of money.

Don't you think that  life is full of such transactions ?-- going to an unknown place, interacting with different set of people, observing the opportunities available to us other than the ones thrown at us, adapting to the situation, crossing the life smoothly with some success and a few setbacks.


Let us make our children independent naturally. That should be part of our daily home work, assignment, exam and grading.

This will bring ownership in education and confidence among children.

What do you think ?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


What do you do on world environment day ?

Plant one sapling, deliver a lecture, write a report/blog, conduct/participate in painting competition or  quiz. What do we do to our environment rest of the year ?

How are  you making our children aware of importance of trees ? Showing them a video/film or giving a boring lecture ??

My son told me an eye opening anecdote, which he'd heard from his teacher, related to Bhutan.

In Bhutan, school handovers  each student (in lower classes)  a sapling. Students have to plant and maintain the respective tree. He/she will be graded or get marks based on growth of the plant, till 10th grade or so.

Just think what kind of wonder it can make.

Kids understand the plant, its growth, etc. very well. Need not read books to know this or draw and redraw  diagram of this tree in Biology/Botany classes. The topics like, use of that plant, problem to grow such plant, etc. needn't be mugged to pass the exam, but get real practical knowledge. At the end of the day, a tree is grown and sanctity of the environment is maintained.

What a nice education system !!! A genuine way of Environment Protection !!!!!