Friday, June 1, 2012

Pedalling the Uphill

In  the morning cycle ride every day, I come across a patch, where there is a downhill followed by steep uphill. About a  year back, when I started cycling, I used to enjoy downhill in this stretch -- allowing the bike to free-wheel and giving complete rest to my legs and pedal. The struggling part was left to the subsequent uphill. Anyway, uphill is an uphill, require more than regular effort and hardship. Speed used to go down and was using all my body muscles to push through and mindset was to somehow finish the climb. At times, I avoided that piece of the road due to this steep climb.

After a few weeks/months of cycling I realised, there is an easy way out. Started pedalling with full stroke in the downhill. It was enjoyable and less strenous. The following rise became easy and not an uphill task at all. Could even beat a few moto-bikes, autos, etc. Now I just wait for that part of the road during my morning ride.

In life  we come across some downhills.  Especially during young age, start of our career, etc. We just enjoy those days and spend less time on acquiring knowledge/learning, etc. The attitude would be -- "college is over, so also learning. It is the time to earn and enjoy". We allow the life to free wheel, where we feel whole world is lying around to serve us. Down the line, in life/career, the climb become steep and even a small step becomes a mammoth one. The struggle starts.

Above example is true for knowledge, health or even money.

In my morning cycling, I got a few weeks of rides to realise the importance of downhill, but in the ride of life, we get only one cycle.