Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ladder of Life

A labour was digging land for pillar construction for Bangalore Metro train works. All he has to do was to dig the land throughout the day and get money for that day. His aim and worry was to get money for that day and get some work for next day/week -- be the digging work for Metro Train pillars or for a shopping complex or for road or bridge construction or a house/apartment work. He did not and may be need not know, `What he is doing for`.

This labour was monitored by a supervisor, who has to get labors every day to the site and get the digging done for that day. He has to supply labors till digging is over for N number of pillars in that stretch of Metro train work. Has to search for a new assignment there after -- be it an apartment, shopping complex, bridge, etc.

A pillar contractor was responsible for erecting N number of pillars for that stretch of Metro train works. He has to depend on labour supervisors for getting labors and some engineers to supervise pillar construction quality and progress as per the given design and schedule. Need to get approval from Metro train authorities for his work and he knew a bit on what he is doing for.

A level above in the pyramid sits a Manager/Chief Engineer of that stretch of work, who supervises all civil and electrical works of all the pillars and ducts; would definitely know what he is doing and what for; when to complete and what is in the next chain. Still he needn't worry what kind of train bogey would run on this; what is the costing of those and what should be price offered to the commuters or frequency of train, etc.

At the other end of spectrum, there are commuters like me, who wants faster connectivity, comfortable trains, ease of ticketing, etc. Those who comment
"it should have been like this or like that", etc.

There can be only one person in this whole game -- "Metro Man" , like E Sreedharan of Delhi Metro, for example, who supervises every thing and has pulse of every bit -- pillars to interiors of bogeys to train ticket styling to frequency of trains. He is the one who feels, live, breath and dream the work he is doing every day and every minute. His worry does not end at finishing today's digging!!

In our career and personal life we come across such ladder/chain. With the choice we'd made we end up doing digging work all along our life or move up as a Manager. It is our choice based on our capability, drive and interest.

Many times in our life, we remain struck at "Digging Labor's" position -- just doing days' work for the money for that day. We get more satisfaction in insuring next day's work. Never understanding purpose of life. More embroiled in small problems of day today, losing focus of totality.