Sunday, November 25, 2012

Play, Fun and Profession

Playing is  fun for every one. Who donot enjoy playing ?  I always thought  -- when playing itself becomes your bread earner, how wonderful it will be. You never feel -- "OOff I have to go to office/shop/factory  today...". 

Recently I read (cyclist) Lance Armstrongs book -- "My journey back to Life". When Lance started biking practice after his cancer treatment, he records the experience as below,
"I didn't love the bike before I got sick. It was simple for me; it was my job and I was successful at it. It was a means to an end, a potential source for wealth and recognition. But it was not something i did for pleasure, or poetry; it was my profession and my livelihood, and my reason for being, but I would not have said that I loved it."

Just wondering most sport-persons, when they go and play and use it as a profession, never enjoy the game like we do. When fun becomes profession, looks like, they need another hobby or fun activity for leisure. When some one make a statement -- "I am enjoying game at the moment", it seems just a hollow sentence. Being non-sportsperson, we are lucky, to have sports/game as an easy entertainer !!!