Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fat Poor ; Thin Rich

Have you observed how healthy our people are across society. Myth looking fact could surface.

When you imagine poor/lower middle class people, you get an image of pale, but active, physically hardworking folks and rich/upper middle class means, fat, sedate figures.

But surprisingly in Indian cities the figures are turning upside down – not 'figuratively' , but literally.

The rich and middle class becoming more health conscious. Only they can afford healthy food – fibre rich vegetables and fruits, etc. With limited space available in the city, only 'haves' can get access to sport facilities/gym, etc.

While healthy food getting costlier, readymade junk food becoming affordable to all. Poor and lower class are feeding increasingly on tasty and inexpensive junk food. This tendency is increasing amongst educated young poor people, as a sign of prosperity. With two wheelers becoming affordable to all, machines at office/factories, physical labour is getting reduced as part of regular work even for most lower middled class people. On the other hand exercise enthu has not hit them and are not worried about the figure. Soon Diabetes, obesity, High BP level will hit this society as a sign of progression. Have you seen any poor guy doing a  morning walk in public parks ?

In a few decades, urban India will have thin , healthy rich class and fat, sedate and less-fit lower middle class. A sort of class topsy turvy. An unhealthy pyramid for a society.