Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolution for the new year 11

Unlike last year, have made more solid, reasonably achievable and fresh/interesting resolutions for this year 2011. These are on health, wealth and hobby -- not in any order though.

1. Health : Keep my weight same as 2010 or preferably reduce by 1 kg -- not heavy target. Should continue diet practice and exercise, including Yoga as did last year. Pretty much well on target last time. Control blood sugar level, cholesterol and BP. Last year should be a good inspiration.

Additionally, start cycling (with my/Suki's new FF Cosmic Bike). Target 2 days in a week to office and 40 km per week. Get ready for more serious biking next year.

2. Hobby : Write a blog atleast once in month. Preferred -- 20 blogs during this year. Started some what blogging last year. Target an exam on flute or history (history of sciences preferably).

3. Wealth : Health and Hobby can take care of wealth (?!). Reduce debt as much as possible. Atleast by 20% and preferably by 30%. More leaner economy. Hindu rate of growth is OK.

Hope these are reasonable and let me revisit during mid of the year (June'11).

Happy New Year 2011.



krish said...

All the best (sic)