Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Universe and We

Was watching a program in NG (or Discovery) yesterday on Universe. Immersed in deep thought.

So huge is the universe -- billions of times bigger than Sun !!!!! Containing countless stars, many galaxies, black holes, etc etc. No end. Just we cannot measure and all numbers become numb.

So old. Millions of years is the story of star. Universe billions of years elder. Time stops at times, awestruck  !!

Compared to that story of earth is so young -- still counting million years. Homo sapien  is very nascent. Human recorded history -- vedic period, biblical period, Mayan culture --- just born baby.

So tiny infront of universe -- just nothing.

Heard that whole universe is made up of so many gases/energy. We, human, included in this same material/energy. Densely packed energy displayed as our skinny structure. Our body is lesser than minute dust particle to compare in large universe(earth itself is like a dust particle compared to universe).

Questions like "where our body has come from and where it goes" donot make any relevance in this vast space to energy and time. 60-80 years of lifespan for 5-6ft body is almost non-existance in the diary of universe. So much energy-matter conversion going on, our life is just one small clock tick -- not even that of a second hand of clock.

Is consciousness is also part of this vast matter or energy ? Just transformed through EM waves in our brain/body ?

Mesmerised by sheer thought of this  !!!!

(Was listening to Jagjit Singh's song "Na chitti na sandesh ... kouna-sa desh kahan tum chalegaye.."