Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life Expectancy ?

Was going through some stats..

Average Life expectancy data across globe look like this.

Average Life expectancy in India is ..

The term "Average Life expectancy" depicts, in simple/rude terms, average age of a person when he dies.
The "Life" as I define,  is a period, when a person leads an active routines independently, feel part of the same generation to large extent and  never feel out of place. It is not just a physical parameter -- whether brain is functioning or not OR heart is beating or not. Life span has to be define considering physical, social and mental conditions.

Till age of 30, we never worry about our health. Body (and mind) is strong enough to take care of itself. Lots of energy. Mid 30 onwards we get into exercise or physical fitness domain. In 40s start taking health bit seriously.  Dieting, exercise becomes part of normal routine.

But why do we do all this ?  To lead an independent and healthy life beyond, say 60 ? Are we really in a period called "life" by then.
Assuming that one would have retired from active profession by then and  kids would have gone out searching for their new/own abode. One would have slowly drifted into generation gap, with no daily routine. However active you are in your profession or outside, you would be one step behind the contemporary generation. You tend to compare "your" days with "today".
With good health you have maintained due to last 20 years of strict life, you could feel active, but mentally and socially you will be out of place. Is that the life you expect ? Does the term "Life expectancy" has any meaning.  As a society, do we need an increased life expectancy ?

Nature has its own rule for its creatures. New life has to come and rule the world and partake in creation of next generation. Old guards have to make space to new ones.

Do we need to regiment useful part of our life so much just to stay put post 60 ? Does Life expectancy graph has any meaning ?

Enjoy the life AS IS, instead of worrying for future.