Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are we Greedy ?

Was talking to Manoj(my brother) the other day and came to know that in France, salary of 5k Euro per month is a luxury. Where as in India, a guy who earns even its equivalent converted amount, vouch for more salary. Why is it so? Are we Indians so much greedy ?

The answer lies in how French (and many other developed) society work. The state takes care of your health and children education. Your income will continue almost the same way, even after you retire ! Essentially you needn't worry for future. Once you are in that state of mind, you do not need more money to survive. Your salary is mainly to feed your pocket money. Just imagine, when you were kid or college going young -- all your expenses taken care by your parents and additionally you used to get some pocket money (mainly for entertainment or fun with your friends). How nice it will be if some one do the same for us for lifelong !!!! This will make young ones to choose a profession of passion rather than a money chaser.

Does such an arrangement makes us lazy ? Not sure; but those societies have produced wonderful achievers -- in any given field.

Can we return to old style, where govt takes care of education, health and retiral benefits and put a control on corporate salary? We donot need a growth just in terms of GDP, but a society which provides us a quality and stress free life. We need our young ones to take up a profession which they enjoy, rather than one that gives you more money with a mirage of higher quality of life.

"A mature person is one, who can enjoy every day like a boy even in his old age" --- Rajarshi