Friday, November 23, 2018

Losing a Wallet

Fate or feat of losing wallet should have been in my gene. Seems my father got his pocket picked atleast 3 times. I remember my brother missing his purse on one occasion atleast. Some how I did not carry this family tradition so far, untill recently.

I didnot lose nor some one pickpocketed; it just "slipped away" in darkness of evening. The wallet contained some petty cash and half dozen cards -- debit cards, credit card,  Metro Pass, Driving license, etc. Went around the place where my wallet could have given me  a slip, but in vain.

My whole family cursed that "thug(?)"  who would have got this purse.

I swung into action and blocked all bank cards and ordered replacement.

First replacement debit card arrived 3 days after I put a request. A few minutes before that a courier boy delivered a funny looking envelop. It was addressed to my late father !! I was wondering why some one sending this package almost 18 months after passing away of my father. The contents of envelop seem to be accumulated at a corner.

When I opened the package, to my surprise, found all the cards which were in the lost wallet. The person who ever found my wallet took all the money (and leather wallet itself). The gentleman(or lady) would have decided to spend a bit from his/her bounty for couriering the cards, which were of any use.

I donot know should I appreciate and thank that person for honesty and caring nature and thank for taking extra effort to courier it ?  Or it's ok, he got the money and used part of that to return whatever of no use to him.

What do you do if you get back your wallet ?