Friday, November 4, 2011

Cycling on a Rainy Day

Finally I decided to commute office on my bicycle and selected Diwali (ದೀಪಾವಳಿ )day -- Thursday 27th Oct, expecting thin traffic and also was on half day off. Perfectly planned day to a start.

All was well in the morning ride. Even rode middle of the road and reached office with no sweat and full on energy.

Was waiting for noon to pass by and lunch time to set in, for return journey. Peeped from office window, sun being covered by darker clouds, already looking like an early evening. My watch said it is time to go.

After a few cycles of paddle, was blessed with a few water drops dripping from side by trees. Looks pleasant. A few drops converted into drizzle which ultimately to a downpour. Was not having rain coat and no shelter to stop by, cycled for half a kilometer or so, before finding a crowded bus shelter.

About 15 minutes of wait, the water from top gave in. Motor bikers started to shrug off and enter into the road. Slowly I ventured as well. Next 15 minutes of ride till my house was nightmarish in that afternoon. Water pounding from sky was bearable, if not enjoyable, but the ponds and streams created aftermath were at worse even life threatening. Regularly my shoes dipped into newly created water cups along the road and splash from passing vehicles became the order. A 40ft wide road became 10ft; BMTC bus to my bicycle had to pass though that creek only. Finally I gave in and lifted my bike on elevated footpath(as soon as I found one) and pulled all along till reached my home. The security person at my apt'ment opened the gate with bit of amused look --'why the hell this guy is pulling the bike instead of zipping in a car'.

That's end of my first day bike commute to office. Literally put water on my enthu. More than water pouring from sky, the aftermath water, gushing across or half-inundated roads looks scary and discouraging.

(PS: Fortunately the shown photo was not the one belonged to the ride I was talking about :-))



schandra said...

Different experience...!

The same experience would have been an enjoyable one, when in school...:-)