Friday, October 28, 2011

Bread development....?

My great grand mother used to work at field, get wheat from there during harvest, grind it at home, make chapati and eat.

My grand mother used to purchase wheat from market grind at home and make chapati before serving us.

In mothers' time, we used to purchase wheat from market, mother (or maid servant later) used to carry wheat to flour mill and get the flour and prepare chapatis.

Now we get packed flour ('Atta?') and that's the source of roti/chapati we eat.

Slowly we are moving or atworst during my daughter's/son's time, we may get ready made bread from super market and eat it.

Is this progression called development ....?



Graphic Design Galaxy said...

As long as your Chapathi is cooked by yourself, it is progression. The moment, the wife or mom has to prepare chapathi for the rest of their lives, it becomes regression !

- Forgotten cousin