Saturday, April 3, 2010

Traffic Problem due to Mantri Square

Entering Malleshwaram from Majestic side has become horrible during week-end afternoon, mainly due to newly opened Mantri Square Mall. The biggest mall in India created the biggest mess in Malleswaram. The planning and approval of such a mall on such a road is highly questionable. I hope the mall collapse itself, after initial euphoria, due to lack of clean entry and exit points and car parking space.



krish said...

hello happened to read your posts... one can really showcase his editorial prowess via these blogs..

With your experience in the Govt and private sector..dont you have a solution...

Have you read the article in bangalore mirror how some cops put a no parking board in front of Le Meridian...taking a cue, if the traffic dept puts up a few No-Parking sign boards around the mall and ensures all those who have violated the order are fleeced. Public will stop visiting the mall, and the mall has to increase as well find new ways to enter the the parking area. Isnt this unimaginable in our country where everyone wants to be a sycophant (?).