Monday, June 20, 2016

Project Delays......

"Metro project maynot be completed in this year". A big sigh, after reading this newspaper headline.

"Project is getting delayed. Have to work hard to meet new deadline.." -- howmany times you have heard such comments from your friends. Donot know why, in India, none of the projects meet the schedule on time -- be it private or public ; software or infra projects.

Always thought that money crunch, government clearance, lethargy of public servants, etc. contribute for project overrun. A few years back Vijay Mallya, during his Good Time, challenged Bangalore Corporation and wanted to show how to make a good road. It is about 300meter stretch of Vittal Malya Road(infront of UB City). The complete road was supposed to be dug up and relaid along with drainage and communication ducts in about 6 months time. A modern road was in making by a "professional" organisation. Ultimately it took about a year so. There was no fund crunch -- money was available. No fresh land to be acquired. Technical challenges were none... Donot know why it took so much time.

Considering this example as a benchmark, I tried to extrapolate for other projects. For example, a 3 km metro project could take about 10 years !!!!!  If I start adding parameters like funding problem, government clearance, land acquisition and court cases, technical problems, etc etc., it would anyway stretch to 12-15-18 years !!!!!

Why are we like this ??