Monday, May 23, 2016

Bad Mouth -- food for thought

Many a times, we talk something which hurt other people. We may not feel that. It happens vice-a-versa as well. This bad talk is highly addictive and like smile, very contagious  !!  Bad talk creates lot of negative vibe around us.  We criticise many people, place, arrangement, etc. without thinking its impact on the listener. Always you may find a thin line between a criticism and a comment.

Now, how do you define  a "bad talk"  ? This  question was posed to a learned person.

The erudite replied with a smile -- "Even in a casual conversation, if you state that -- "Ravana was a bad person", is a bad talk !!!!!   You visit some one, who hands you a banana fruit as a gift, which happened to be a rotten one. When you reach back home and make a comment that -- "I got a rotten banana as a gift" is also a bad talk.  "I got banana fruit as a gift" would have been enough. Any talk/statement which bring genuine smile on listener's face and doesnot trigger any negative thought, is the talk we need to adopt."

Question : Suppose a person is a lawyer, who is fighting a case against a bandit or terrorist in a court of law. If lawyer doesnot use any bad talk, how can he win the case and put the criminals behind the bar ?

Scholar : It is his profession, which requires him to list the bad deed of a person under trial or in question. His profession requires a bad talk. But the same person comes out of court room and in non professional conversation starts evoking bad deeds of Ravana, then it is a bad talk.

Question: When we have to narrate some incidents, it would bring sadness on other's face. Suppose I have to convey the news  of demise of a beloved one, I donot expect a smile on listener's face ! Is it a bad talk ?

Scholar : It is true. But if you add some spice to that -- "It is good that he died  or Finally he died" is definitely bad talk.   Even a laugh or smile can hurt some one. That  is too a bad mouth....

Whenever you construct a sentence, before it reaches your tongue, think for a second, if it hurts any one...



Yumnam Premabarta said...

One thing is sure what we talk or hear or sense by our 5 senses of organ write to our brain. But Good and Bad are words of our addiction since childhood. In the 3 world system there is no good and bad. It has only feelings in our life. 1st World is World of THOUGHT. 2nd World is World of EMOTION. 3Rd World is World of HEART/FEELING. So, it is required to understand the 3 world system.